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Dr. Sam Walters, Practicing Physician and Former NASA Nutrition Scientist

Former NASA Doctor’s #1 Breakthrough of His Medical Career That Has Saved Thousands of People from Devastating Memory Loss Started with Research on a Bag of Microwave Popcorn…

Seems crazy, I know, but here’s the proof…


Recently a team of researchers from the University of Minnesota set out to determine if a chemical used to give microwave popcorn its buttery flavor…Could be toxic to the brain and the root cause of embarrassing “brain fog”.(1)During the study researchers were SHOCKED to discover that not only does this chemical flavoring easily make its way to the blood supply in the brain… which means it crosses the blood brain barrier...But it can also cause the creation of beta amyloid proteins, which could point to more serious problems happening in the mind… like lack of focus, poor judgment, and worst of all… a diminishing memory.

A lot of people think “I don't eat a lot of popcorn so I'm ok"...

But here's the truth, it isn't just popcorn that's hurting your brain.In fact, a recent 6-year-long study involving 2,560 participants discovered additional foods EVEN MORE devastating to the brain...(2)And these aren’t some obscure foods you’ve never heard of…They’re likely sitting in your kitchen right now, wreaking havoc on your cognitive strength without you even knowing.

Dr. Sam Walters — a former NASA food scientist, brain health and longevity specialist has taken this new research one step further….

That’s why he’s put this presentation together to SHARE THE GOOD NEWS about the 5 foods you must avoid that trigger unwanted brain fog and memory loss.


In this fast-paced presentation he’ll reveal his latest findings…And share the real reason elephants never forget.And how a secret society of Tibetan monks with steel-trap memories are living to be a healthy 100 years of age and beyond…While rarely falling victim to sickness and disease.Plus, you’ll hear as Dr. Walters describes in detail these 5 foods that can cause dangerous beta-amyloid plaque in the brain and affect your memory.So, make sure to watch this presentation to the very end...

As Dr. Walters reveals each specific food, including a specific additive that manufacturers can sneak on the label WITHOUT saying it’s an ingredient...He'll explain how each of these seemingly innocent and common foods may be the single largest factor in whether or not you have a sharp brain and a crisp, clear memory…Or are stuck with a slow, sluggish brain that compromises your independence.He's also sharing what anyone can do right now that may help reduce the impact of these forbidden foods…No matter how long you’ve eaten them…

Here's Dr. Sam Walters

Hi, this is Doctor Sam Walters. I’m a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, and I’ve had my medical license for over 50 years...That’s decades of treating over 100,000 patients, giving lectures around the world and developing nutritional formulas, most notably for NASA. Sometimes I think I’ve seen it all...And today I have a heavy heart, as our country is in a “brain health crisis” that’s stealing the best years from our nation's elders and retired… right before their so-called “golden” years.Let me get right to the point.

Age-related memory loss is quickly becoming the fastest growing health threat to our country.With 40 million currently experiencing it, and estimates climbing to 150 million in the coming years.Life is so precious, and each year is a blessing…Yet without the ability to think quickly and enjoy full cognitive strength, those “golden years” are a lot less golden.I don’t want that to happen to you, which is why you’re reading this urgent report today.

1 in 9 U.S. adults over the age of 45 already report memory issues.(1) And with each passing year, the greater the risk climbs: about 40% of people aged 65 or older have age-related memory impairment.(2)

That’s 16 million Americans.

But I’m here to say... There is hope. No matter what your age or struggle, there is now a way to help boost brain health, at 50, 60, 70 and even 80 years old or more.Through my years of clinical practice, I’ve discovered several ancient medical breakthroughs that help improve short-term memory, clear out the cobwebs, and speed up thinking… all without harmful pills or controversial methods.In fact, it’s so effective, you may experience overwhelming results faster than you ever expected..., and my hope is that the benefits just keep getting better and better over time.Yet, while this brain-health breakthrough is new to Western medicine…It’s been used for centuries in ancient cultures.So if you struggle to…

  • Remember birthdays, appointments, anniversaries and important dates with ease
  • Enjoy a clear mind and maintain your full independence
  • Think fast on your feet and reduce that annoying, foggy-minded feeling
  • Zip through a crossword puzzle the way you used to
  • Remember names quickly, even people you only met once years ago
  • Recall phone numbers, and passwords — right off the top of your head

Then I’m happy you and I are talking...Are you interested in doing everything possible to help protect memory over time? Perfect. Be sure you listen to every word of this presentation, because it could literally play a role in keeping you clear-headed and sharp for your family… for years and years to come.

Are you feeling foggy, low-energy or forgetful more often than you used to? I’m here to give a stern warning. There are certain foods that may actually be impacting your brain. Foods you eat almost everyday. Foods you probably consider “healthy”.

Yet in a few minutes, I’m going to share exactly what they are and what you need to do about it.Now I’m not going to forbid you from eating delicious foods. I am, however, going to reveal the five foods that I consider to be menacing to the brain.These are foods that I recommend no one eats. So please pay close attention, because 90% of the people reading this will have at least two of these brain menaces in their kitchen, right now.I know your time is valuable so I packed a lot of information into this article.Be sure to read all the way to the end - because your brain is valuable, too.Listen closely, as if you and I are sitting across from each other at my desk in my clinic in Arizona, and get ready to take some notes as it’s important you do NOT forget what these five memory-harming foods are.Not to mention, I’m going to reveal the simple, at-home method you can start right now that can reverse years of damage done to your brain by these foods, and give you a younger, more active brain.


Now before we begin, I want to share a story that really hits close to home as many of my patients have experienced similar things.This is about a woman named Cynthia and her father.Now, Cynthia’s father served this country honorably in World War II. And like many people his age, Cynthia’s father began to experience brain fog and memory issues that were very concerning to his family.As Cynthia would tell me, he would “kind of drift.”

“He would start a sentence and then try to finish it and just not be able to.”

“And sometimes his sentences were circular. So he’d start something and then say something, and then he would want to say more, but then he would forget kind of where he was.”

Cynthia began worrying that perhaps she’d never have her vibrant, jovial, happy dad back.Now, no need to feel sad, because this story actually has a very happy ending… and in just a moment, I’m going to have Cynthia tell it herself!Yes, we’ll hear directly from Cynthia, when she talks about those ancient health remedies we’ve been discussing that have been helping her brave veteran father finally regain cognitive strength and address his heartbreaking memory issues.I’m proud to say, stories like Cynthia’s father’s have become more common, which is truly a blessing.And that’s why I’m going to share the simple steps he took, which you can now take to protect your brain and your memory. I can tell you first-hand, the difference it can make is amazing.

When it started working, Cynthia said it was like, and I quote “having her old dad back.” What a magnificent story from an honorable Veteran who fought for freedom and OUR INDEPENDENCE.Memory loss can creep up on you… much earlier and faster than you think.It starts out innocently enough… maybe you can’t remember where your keys are… you miss a doctor’s appointment… or even worse -- the name of an important friend or family member just won’t come to mind…

And what most people don’t realize is that what starts out as an innocent, “Oops, I forgot” moment can very quickly turn into something far more sinister.Out of nowhere... you’re feeling foggy-headed, and even with coffee, cognitive strength that once helped you make fast, informed decisions and stay sharp when it really mattered…Just isn’t there.Now all of a sudden, you’re having trouble following conversations and struggling to find the right words.Needing things repeated to you, over and over, because you just can’t absorb information like you used to…Constantly misplacing reading glasses…And getting frustrated with yourself and the people you care about… because your brain just isn’t keeping up.I’ve had patients tell me they even walked into a room looking for something and completely forget why they walked into the room in the first place.Sound familiar?Maybe you’ve forgotten birthdays and anniversaries… sadly, it happens...

Yet whatever you do, DON’T just shrug it off as an inevitable part of growing older.Because there’s something I need you to know… make sure you’re paying close attention here…As I offer you this message of hope…All of those warning signs that point to a slow, tired brain may have NOTHING to do with old age…And in fact, you can fight back against each one of these with the simple “memory-revival” ritual I’m about to share.If that sounds “too good to be true,” it’s because you’ve been listening to the wrong information...

It’s Honestly Not Your Fault...

Dirty politicians and their back door deals, big pharma, and food manufacturers are all in cahoots to conceal the truth about these tried and true natural remedies.I’m going to shed some light on these lies, so you don’t have to be kept in the dark anymore..These corrupt lawmakers have no interest in sharing these powerful, ancient remedies with you. Because they don’t care about your brain health. Their only interest is in staying in power.Although some pharmaceutical companies do provide life-saving medicine, most have no interest in prevention, or in natural alternatives.And it all comes down to one thing: Profit.Why? Well, if it comes from Mother Nature there is no money in it for the big pharma, because it can’t be patented.And without big money in it, they don’t want to give you access to these natural remedies.Trouble is, food manufacturers are also putting unhealthy additives in our food supply… I personally call them “brain menaces.”These companies have no interest in the health of you or your loved ones. They’ll do whatever it takes to make their shareholders more profit.Well, enough’s enough. And it’s time for you to fight back.First thing you need to do is make sure you have a pen and paper handy, because now I’m going to share the five foods that are hurting your memory, slowing down your brain and stopping you from being your happy, bright self.


Brain Menace number one is called MSG or monosodium glutamate.This is a very questionable contaminant that can impact the health of your body…It causes headaches, high blood pressure, and it can destroy brain cells.What's even worse is now food manufacturers are trying to hide this ingredient on the label with clever and innocent-sounding names like hydrolyzed protein, natural flavoring, autolyzed yeast extract… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


That brings me to Brain Menace number two.This brain invader masquerades as a “healthy” food because it’s low-glycemic. Yet it may be the most potent Brain Invader of them all.It’s called Aspartame and it’s sold under the label NutraSweet or Equal.It’s a 100% synthetic substance not found in nature that has absolutely no nutritional value.Plus, aspartame accounts for over 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA.Many of these reactions are very serious, including seizures and, sadly, far worse conditions.(3)Aspartame and MSG are both “excitotoxins” because they “excite” or stimulate the brain cell to its demise.


That brings me to the third Brain Menace, Sucralose.Sold under the label Splenda.It’s very important you realize that Splenda, also called sucralose, is NOT sugar, despite its marketing slogan “Made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar.” It’s actually a chlorinated artificial sweetener in line with aspartame.What’s happening is, they take an ordinary sugar molecule and then add 3 chloride ions.Any time chlorine is combined with carbon, it becomes an unwanted contaminant...This is how pesticides and herbicides are created.


Then we have the fourth Brain Menace, Diacetyl.Is there anything better than snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie with some warm, buttery popcorn.There’s something about the smell and the mixture of the salty goodness with the buttery flavor that I just can’t get enough of.Here’s the kicker: That same buttery flavor in home popcorn is actually Diacetyl.A brain toxin that can cross the blood-brain barrier, a defense mechanism that prevents harmful substances from entering your brain.And diacetyl is bad news for your memory, because when ingested, it often passes through the blood-brain barrier and can form plaques on the brain.This is often the cause of devastating memory decline… again it’s NOT always age, as you may think.You won’t see the word diacetyl on labels, but if you see “artificial butter flavor” or “natural flavors”... you should avoid it at all costs.


And finally there’s the fifth Brain Menace, Aluminum. I actually wrote my Master’s thesis on the role of heavy metals on memory decline.Aluminum is a known neurotoxin. In the 1970’s, autopsies revealed that people that had a larger than normal concentration of aluminum in the brain were more likely to have serious brain issues.Unfortunately, aluminum is everywhere. It’s in drinking water, supplements, antacids, anti-perspirants, cans, foil, and is commonly used in cookware.Your best bet is to look for aluminum-free deodorants, baking powder and antacids.And always ensure the supplements we take have been 3rd party tested for heavy metals.

Now the best thing to do is try to minimize your exposure to these five Brain Menaces .So if any of the foods in your kitchen contain these 5 “Brain Menaces,” my suggestion is this: Throw them out immediately. That’s how easy it is to make a positive change toward better overall brain health.And while throwing away these foods will instantly boost your brain health and help you fight back against unwanted toxins invading your brain, I personally take it a step further, and urgently advise you to do the same thing...According to the world’s leading experts in memory research, there is now a way to help address and slow down years of premature brain aging and memory loss.In a few moments, I’ll reveal the latest scientific information on memory loss and the brand new, one-of-a-kind, multi-spectrum solution that has worked for thousands… and will work for YOU.Scientists now know it’s possible to help improve memory and regain the level of focus you had 20, 30, 40 and in some cases-even 50 years ago!I’ll also show you how to wake up even your most sluggish brain cells and enjoy crystal-clear mental focus… without harmful pills.

Imagine never misplacing your car keys or forgetting a loved one’s birthday… Enjoying a brain that’s quicker thinking and more clear-headed than it's been in years...Imagine learning a new computer game or finishing the crossword puzzle in record time, thanks to an increase in cognitive strength and an ability to be more mentally alert.Imagine greeting each day with eagerness and enthusiasm… and not having to worry about embarrassing senior moments ever again!

Well today, I’m happy to announce that there’s now a scientifically engineered brain-enhancing memory formula that will take your foggy, slow, sluggish mind and kick it back into higher gear.Within a few weeks, your brain will be humming along like a Cadillac after an oil change, a tune up and a new paint job... as your brain begins to fire on all cylinders.

In fact, many people report feeling it working faster than they’d expected!

Now, you might be thinking… “I’ll just run down to my local drug store, and pick up these individual ingredients”And you can absolutely do that.Yet, I have to warn you…It’s not easy.Many of the key ingredients are either constantly out of stock, or are expensive, or extremely hard to get.Now that still doesn’t mean it’s not possible. In fact, I’m going to reveal each of the key ingredients to you... from the most obscure to the most closely guarded.Even then, though, it’s a complicated process to get the right doses, combined in the right way, from the most potent sources, proudly formulated right here in America.And that’s why today I want to share with you the same formula I’ve used with countless patients, that I personally formulated to give us a “Better Brain For Life”.Backed by a company dedicated to improving the quality of life for aging Americans.

Introducing... Youthful Brain

The Fast, Effective Breakthrough From The Natural World That Can Give You “The Best Brain Of Your Life”... No Matter Your Age!

Youthful Brain contains the highest concentrations of scientifically-proven memory boosting ingredients to blast away the cobwebs and reignite your tired, aging brain.

If you’re sick of the constant embarrassing brain fog that clouds your thinking and forces you to run on low-battery…
If you’ve become a topic of concern for your family because they no longer believe you can take care of yourself…
If you’re ready to take control of the wheel and get your brain, your memory and your independence back on track…

You owe it to yourself to give this one-of-a-kind formula a try.This remarkable formulation has forever changed the way natural doctors treat memory loss and overall cognitive decline. Youthful Brain turbocharges your brain at a cellular level — increasing circulation and cleansing it of unwanted toxins — which lets you do more, remember more and keep your memory razor sharp for many years to come.Filled with clinically studied ingredients, Youthful Brain tackles even the most embarrassing senior moments, memory issues and slow cognition by assisting the areas of the brain where help is needed the most.

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear from Cynthia directly.

Here’s the conversation I had with her recently…

Cynthia: “Hello”Dr. Sam: “Hello, is this Cynthia?”Cynthia: “Oh yes it is.”Dr. Sam: “Cynthia, Dr. Sam Walters. I'm calling about an email you sent.”Cynthia: “Oh, ok yes.”Dr. Sam: “Well, you know we have literally thousands of really great testimonials but I think the thing that really caught our eye with yours, is that we support veterans. And your dad is a veteran it sounds like.”Cynthia: “Yes he is. He fought in World War II”Dr. Sam: “Tell your dad that all of us here say we appreciate you, thank you for your service to our country.”Cynthia: “Thank you, I'll tell him. He'll be very happy to hear that.”Dr. Sam: “yeah I noticed you said your father had almost immediate results, and we'd like to know how soon did you notice results once your dad started taking Youthful Brain?”Cynthia: “Yes well I can say unequivocally that we noticed improvement within a couple of days.”Cynthia: “And that was remarkable.”Cynthia: “He became more engaged in wanting to talk about his old friends.”Cynthia: “And started remembering friends from when he was really young. And he remembered everybody's name, where they lived.”Cynthia: “He was even remembering addresses, people's homes, or where he lived, his home address, and then the names of his teachers and classmates. And it was, it's remarkable. So all that started to come back.”Dr. Sam: “Cynthia, how long has your father been taking Youthful Brain now?”Cynthia: “Probably two years. Two years.”Cynthia: “So we have not seen a decline. He's managed to maintain where he was at a better level. In other words, we believe that his cognition improved.”Cynthia: “And then it's maintained that state. And I think Youthful Brain made a big difference.”Dr. Sam: “Can you kind of describe how your father was just before he started taking Youthful Brain?”Cynthia: “He was...He would drift.”Cynthia: “And he would start a sentence and then try to finish it but not really be able to.”Cynthia: “And sometimes his sentences were circular. So he'd start something and then say something, and then he would want to say more, but then he would forget kind of where he was.”Cynthia: “And so, to go from that to, I just was, we were just thrilled to see the old dad kind of be there.”Cynthia: “And he is. He reads shakespeare. He still recites shakespeare. I mean he had sort of drifted away from all that. And it's back.”Cynthia: “So, and it's sustained. And it hasn't declined. And that's the amazing thing for me. He's maintained that for a couple of years.”Cynthia: “He was able to go to my son's graduation. Loved it, sat in the front row, remembered everything that happened.”Cynthia: “We would not have been able to do that two years ago.”Cynthia: “So he became more engaging. And the result is that he became more fun to be around and I think it's remarkable when something can slow down…"Cynthia: “the decline that happens, and we're really grateful.”Dr. Sam: “Well we appreciate the fact that you're grateful.”Cynthia: “And he does not take any other medication by the way.”Dr. Sam: “Oh that's awesome.”Cynthia: “Yeah I'm pretty proud. Neither of my parents do.”Dr. Sam: “Well we thank you and we appreciate you so much. God bless the whole family and I pray your father stays around for another 91 years.”Cynthia: “I hope so.”Cynthia: “Well thank you very much for giving me the opportunity. I am a believer in your product. So I don't do this very often but I am a believer.”Cynthia: “Good luck to you and appreciate you reaching out.”Dr. Sam: “Ok dear. Have a good day.”Cynthia: “Thank you very much. You take care. Bye Bye.”

It’s just so wonderful to hear about a patriotic veteran doing so well, thanks to us.I’m sure we can agree that these results are pretty remarkable.Because of Youthful Brain, Cynthia’s father, he’s become more present, more focused… even able to attend his grandson’s graduation and remember every little detail…Stories like these are why I do what I do. And now, I want to give you the same opportunity to finally put a stop to embarrassing memory loss and regain your full cognitive strength.

Now, for the first time ever, the natural power of this exclusive formula is available for you to claim.

A few tablets a day delivers scientifically engineered doses of these heavily researched and carefully chosen super ingredients...This formulation takes advantage of ground-breaking research into ancient memory remedies from around the world, like this mysterious herb…

Deep in the rainforests of Tibet, there is a secluded clan of elderly monks with a remarkable secret.Researchers discovered these elderly monks had steel-trap minds… and were living to a happy 100 years of age.While many Americans struggle to remember the details of their favorite childhood story or forget to return an important phone call…These monks can remember thousands of pages of archaic scripture.

Do you worry like your attitude has become more sour over the years?Are you a grumpier less pleasant version of the bright, vibrant person you used to be?Well, these monks are as sharp as they were decades ago. They bounce from task to task with the zeal of a love-struck 20-year-old and can focus for 2 to 3 hours at a time.Don’t you want that joy? And moreover, don’t you deserve it?So what’s the memory secret of the Tibetan Monks?Well, the answer is found in their garden.

For centuries, these reclusive monks have eaten a rare herb, which grows rampant in Tibet.

Ancient scripture says this flower fights evil spirits and negative energy. As a result, these monks began planting it in their garden centuries ago.Many call it “the water weed” since it requires buckets of rain and little sunlight.It’s called Bacopa Monnieri.

Remember when I said that the monks could memorize thousands of pages of archaic scripture… and could recite biblical verse with ease… and did this at a healthy 100 years of age?Well, it turns out researchers in Australia published a study about Bacopa’s ability to boost memory in folks over the age of fifty-five. Conducted in Lismore, NSW, Australia between February and July 2005, a double blind, placebo-controlled study targeted ninety-eight participants from the general population.Participants were randomized to receive an extract of Bacopa monnieri, 300 mg/day, or an identical placebo. Following screening, neuropsychologic and subjective memory assessments were performed at baseline and at 12 weeks.The conclusion? Scientists discovered participants given Bacopa improved verbal learning, memory and recall ability.The researchers said, “Bacopa significantly improved memory acquisition and retention.”(4)A total of 14 studies confirm this finding that Bacopa improves memory, boosts retention of new information, and helps block out distractions.Sound good?It’s no wonder these monks have the remarkable ability to memorize and recall archaic scripture and dense biblical verse at 80, 90 even 100 years of age.I consider Bacopa…

Mind Insurance Against The Evil Brain Menaces

But it’s not the only ingredient that can help ensure your brain stays healthy and free of fog throughout the decades.I’ve discovered other “brain stimulators” you absolutely need to know about. The first one is “like a breath of fresh air” to a tired, forgetful brain.It’s…

The Secret Behind An Elephants Ability To NEVER Forget Anything

When Jenny the elephant was introduced to a new elephant named Shirley at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee…Immediately, Jenny the elephant could hardly contain herself with excitement.As Jenny and Shirley met they instantly clenched trunks, and started bellowing, with happiness.It was an intense, animated and seemingly emotional reunion.But to everyone’s knowledge at the Elephant Sanctuary these elephants had never met.Yet, after some digging, they found out that Shirley had been in the circus with Jenny for a few months — 23 years ago.Elephants’ remarkable recall power, researchers believe, is a big part of how elephants survive. Legend has it that elephants’ remarkable memory comes from…

The Living Fossil Tree of Longevity

This ancient tree has been unchanged for nearly 270 million years. It is considered a living fossil, and each tree has a life span of 3,500 years.This tree is so prized that the Chinese take great measures to protect and preserve it…Allowing no one to cut down a tree and all roads and buildings must be constructed to protect them.These beautiful trees are found around temples to ward off evil spirits, and as a symbol of longevity.The tree I’m referring to is the Ginkgo Biloba tree, a favorite leaf of the Elephant.Ginkgo has been used extensively for centuries as an effective treatment for circulatory disorders and to enhance memory.The leaves contain glycosides and terpenoids which have a neuro-protective and anti-stress effect on the brain.These results have been confirmed in several studies…but more importantly I’ve seen the effects first-hand in my clinic.And this ancient memory nutrient has also been shown to give aging brains…

The Learning Speed Of A Youthful Brain!

In a clinical trial in France, seniors taking Ginkgo Biloba showed improvement in cognitive processing for those without major memory issues.(5)Yet this comes as no surprise to the Chinese, as they’ve been using it for thousands of years to power-up short-term memory, improve attention span, and boost mood.And while other vasodilators help increase blood flow throughout the body, these two have the unique ability to concentrate the flow of blood to the vessels and capillaries of the brain.That’s why these two brain nutrients could work synergistically to improve your mental focus, concentration, and memory.Just like your car needs gas for maximum performance, so does your brain. Only this time the fuel isn’t gas — but nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood.So far we’ve talked about how you can protect your brain from certain brain menaces, and flood your brain with nutrient-rich blood flow, but what I’m about to show you will help you…

Supercharge Your Brain With This ‘Thinking Fuel’

As we age, our bodies and mind have a hard time rebuilding and replenishing fuel sources.In your brain there is one key neurotransmitter responsible for all cognition related to learning and memory.It’s called Acetylcholine, and when you don’t have enough of it in your brain, you become foggy, less focused, and can’t seem to remember important names and dates… or where you put those darn keys.From the Chinese club moss comes a powerful extract, called Huperzine. It has been studied for decades… and continues to be a valuable tool in Chinese medicine.(6)Imagine for a moment… enjoying a brain is currently getting just a few miles per gallon… It doesn’t take long before your tank is completely drained and suddenly running on fumes.And when this happens, your only hope is to make it to the next station to fill up before you “crash.”Not a great recipe for success, is it?Well that’s why you need huperzine, because it allows for much better fuel efficiency.. Suddenly, it’ll feel like there are more hours in your day as your brain whirls along, without the familiar “crashing” feeling!How’s this possible?Huperzine works by blocking an enzyme that degrades acetylcholine in the brain. By blocking this enzyme, you can have more acetylcholine, for longer.Once it gets going, those embarrassing senior moments and memory glitches can finally become a thing of the past.And it gets even better.Youthful Brain contains another ingredient that happens to be an essential building block of your brain’s nerve cells… it’s what I like to call…

“The Memory Molecule Of Youth”

I call it PS which is short for phosphatidylserine, and yes, I often refer to it as “the memory molecule of youth”. It’s not known exactly how PS is able to boost cognitive function so effectively, but people who have tried it with other ingredients are in love with their results.Phosphatidylserine, from a biological perspective, is a fatty substance called a phospholipid. It covers and protects the cells in the brain and carries messages between them.PS could literally be called a “brain nutrient,” (7) that is an integral component to the structure of the brain and spinal cord.(8)

In a double-blind, placebo controlled study, patients aged 60–80 years old who had some memory difficulties were tested on memory and mood. Seventy-two subjects were randomly assigned to receive PS daily for three months.Based on the results, researchers calculated some cognitive improvement. A magnitude of effect that researchers concluded "may be considered significant by many subjects and clinicians." (9)Truth is, I believe this is a key ingredient to combat memory issues, lack of focus and an overall slower, diminishing brain — head on.Plus, Youthful Brain contains several supporting nutrients that can deliver a better brain for you than ever.Listen, as a doctor, I’ve personally treated over 100,000 patients over my career…Surprisingly, I’ve had to help people as young as 40 confront devastating memory decline, poor focus and a slow, sluggish brain… again and again...…I want you to be free to live your life exactly as you see fit… to be able to delight your family and friends with stories of their childhood, with crystal-clear precision…I want you to breeze through the love of everyday life without constantly getting tripped up by confusion or lack of focus.

And I don’t want you to even think about missing precious moments for any reason whatsoever...Instead, I want you to feel fully confident that you are fully in control of your life… without disheartening memory decline lurking around the corner.I’m here to say to you, right now… You CAN live life on your terms!

It may sound “too good to be true”, but I’ve witnessed it first hand in my clinic, with thousands upon thousands of patients.These brain-boosting ingredients will make an enormous difference in your life.I’ve always believed that nutrition is the key to our health and longevity. That’s why, when NASA needed me to formulate an all-in-one super food to take into space, I couldn’t wait to serve my country.And now I’ve taken all that expertise — those same brain-boosting ingredients that kept our brave astronauts’ minds sharp while in the deep reaches of space — and put them into this one-of-a-kind formula, just for you.It’s time for you to take control back in your life.Because I don’t want to see that twinkle go out of your eye, and I just know this will put the spring back in your step…The ingredients contained in Youthful Brain’s proprietary blend floods your body’s cells with a tsunami of life-giving nutrients that the brain needs to rejuvenate, restore and replenish itself so that you feel more youthful and vibrant.Youthful Brain comes with my full doctor's recommendation and I’m completely confident that Youthful Brain is going to change your life for the better.

Enjoy the gift of a more vitalized brain, more clarity, and a better memory.

Get Started With Youthful Brain Today

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I’m about to reveal how you can get your own personal supply of Youthful Brain, the Rolls-Royce® of brain supplements.When Dr. Walters first created Youthful Brain for his patients, it wasn’t long before they began to tell their family and friends.Before long we were getting inquiries for Youthful Brain all across the world.Unfortunately, our unique formula is not easy to produce in mass quantity.That’s because it has been engineered from increasingly rare ingredients sourced from around the world, to bring you the best and purest formulations guaranteed to boost memory and wipe years of damage away from your brain.It takes months to source all the ingredients and then test each one to ensure potency and purity.Then, using the same technology that turns coal into diamonds, we form our easy-to-swallow tablets.Due to these production constraints, Youthful Brain has never been made available to the public before and supplies are extremely limited.

But I’m happy to report that after years of perfecting the process, we’re now able to provide Youthful Brain at pharmaceutical standards, allowing Youthful Brain to remain fresh in the bottle for up to two years.Youthful Brain first sold in Dr. Walter’s clinic for $209.95 a bottle and his patients happily paid this premium price... and were overjoyed with the results.Yet, today you won’t have to pay anywhere near that price.In fact, you're not even going to pay even half that price…

Here’s why…In efforts to push the boundaries of our research, we need more people like you to share their results.Specifically, the increasing benefits that start after taking Youthful Brain for 30 Days or more…And because you’ve attended today’s presentation you won’t have to pay $209.95You won’t even pay $99.95When you act right now, you’ll be able to get access to Youthful Brain for only $69.00.That’s 67% off and a savings of $140.95 dollars per bottle.But that’s not all.

We’ve also added a Friends and Family Option with deep discounts.In order to empower you and your loved ones to have a “better brain for life”...We've decided to price the Youthful Brain Friends and Family Pack at just $49.00 per bottle.That's over 76% off and a savings of $160.95 per bottle or just $.81 per tablet.To get started choose your package below.

Think about it, you'd pay more than $49.00 for a bag of groceries filled with fruits & vegetables or ten days of getting your coffee at Starbucks.And not even that bag of veggies can give you the complete peace of mind that comes from taking Youthful Brain just once a day!

For just $.81 per tablet you can flood every part of your brain with nourishment, which can help you enjoy the clarity and sharpness of a Youthful Brain.

However, because of the deep discounts we’re offering, our multi-packs of Youthful Brain typically sell much faster than our single bottles, so PLEASE don’t hesitate to stock up and save.If you consider how much you are saving over the cost of buying these nutrients individually on your own, it's a savings of at least $200.That’s not even taking into account the low quality of the ingredients typically found in generic supplements that fill the shelves of your local supermarket.However, there is a catch to this offer. So let me explain.We are only able to guarantee these special discounted prices until our current inventory runs out.That’s because the price of the premium raw ingredients contained in Youthful Brain is constantly changing due to supply and demand, meaning our pricing is constantly re-evaluated with each new batch.That’s not hype.Just the cold, honest truth.So, to protect you from future price increases and to make this deal even sweeter for you, when you order today you will be grandfathered in at this price for all future orders even if our regular price goes up.So, if you are serious about getting Youthful Brain at the lowest price we have ever offered, you must act now.Also, you’ll remember Dr. Walters mentioned that one of the memory-boosting ingredients could be banned by the government any day, which could force us to remove it from the Youthful Brain formula in the future.Which means, if you’re serious about your brain health, it makes good sense to stock up now.

But that’s not all...

If you’re ready to experience the power of Youthful Brain, that’s great! But it’s about to get even better.

You see, we want to ensure you have everything you need to reach optimal brain health and get damaging brain toxins out of your brain as quickly as possible.

That’s why, when you order today you’ll also receive these

3 FREE GIFTS valued at $74.96!

Free Gift #1

The Truth About Brain Games

($29.98 value)

Find out what scientists have recently discovered about brain games and what really works… This is the dirty little secret of paid online brain games.In this free report, you’ll discover how an ordinary newspaper that costs less than one dollar can keep you sharp for life…The top 7 best free brain game resources…and the paid brain games to avoid.A little-known, free brain game that’s been scientifically proven to improve memory in aging adults…you can use it on your computer or cell phone.The new “color therapy” that’s sweeping the nation that’s de-stressing adults, relaxing their tired minds and rejuvenating both hemispheres of the brain.The simple, 20-minute, three-times-per-week game you can play for free that will sharpen your thinking and mental performance!

Free Gift #2

7 Days to a Younger Brain

($29.98 value)

The simple seven-day, step-by-step program that will jump-start your brain, and protect it for life!The top 12 foods that fight brain aging…one may even be in the pantry right now!When you feel stressed, here’s how to boost peace of mind in less than five minutes… insider’s call this mind-body balancing.The memory trick you won’t forget. Do this every-day and you can be more alert, make fewer mental mistakes, and have better short-term memory.The best memory vitamin of all, but here’s the secret it works much better when you get it through your diet, not in a supplement.The 3 memory-boosting foods you should be eating right now…these are your forgetful brain’s best friend.

Free Gift #3

Free Shipping & Handling

$15 value

We’ll even pick up the tab for shipping and handling, which can run upwards of $15.

Most companies low ball the price of their products, only to hit you with outrageous shipping and handling charges.

Not at Vitality Now.
You pay nothing for shipping and handling, ever.

Save Your Memory, Save Your Money Too!

Remember, you would have had to buy five different products to come even close to resembling the formula contained in Youthful Brain

That’s 5 different bottles that would run over $200 for just one month’s supply.
B-12: $18.95
Phosphatidylserine: $64.99
Huperzine A: $74.49
Bacopa: $26.99
Ginkgo Biloba: $27.29

That's a total of $212.71

You can see why Youthful Brain is so convenient and why it also saves you a considerable amount of money.When we engineered this formula, we took extra care to use only the purest and highest quality ingredients. Each is tested in our laboratory and again by a third-party to ensure it contains no heavy metals or harmful microbes.Plus, each order comes with our industry leading….

Empty Bottle Guarantee

No matter which package you buy you're completely protected by our no-questions-asked, 180-day money back guarantee.

We are so confident that you will love Youthful Brain and that you will feel noticeable improvements within just days of getting started. We'd like to invite you to take the Brain Health Challenge. Simply try Youthful Brain for 180 days. If you don't notice a more vitalized brain, more clarity, more mental energy and less forgetfulness, simply return the unused portion and we will refund every cent of your money.

We will even honor this brain health challenge if you return the empty bottles. We feel you need to give it at least a month to work its full range of magic so we want you to use it all. After reading dozens of success stories every day, we are that confident you too will love the way it makes you feel. That's why we've created this 180-day full money-back guarantee to allow you to try Youthful Brain totally risk-free.

Don't Miss Out

Now before I go I feel it's important to let you in on something…You see, we’re dedicated to protecting you from fake knock-offs…And in efforts to make sure you ALWAYS get the lowest possible price, we’ve cut out all the middlemen.You can be assured you’re getting the same formula Dr. Walter’s patients use right here on this website.Youthful Brain is not available in any retail store. This allows us to ensure all your calls and emails are handled by our in-house team of friendly, knowledgeable health specialists. Located right here in the U.S. of A. and not outsourced to overseas call centers.In fact, we pride ourselves on providing a world-class customer experience. From the way we package your products to how we answer your calls.Remember, due to the rarity of the ingredients and small batches Youthful Brain is produced in, we run out of stock often.Listen, I want to personally get Youthful Brain into as many hands as I can before our supplies run out. I want you to experience first-hand the effects of our proprietary blend of natural breakthroughs from around the world.I want you to have the chance to become the healthier, more vibrant and youthful version of yourself… WITHOUT the ravages of memory decline robbing you of life’s most precious moments.You deserve better. And with Youthful Brain, you CAN have better.But you must act now as once this supply is gone, they’re gone.It could be several months before more is in stock and we could be forced to raise the price.

So, here we are.You’re now standing at a fork in the road, staring down 2 possible paths.On one side is a road where nothing changes. The embarrassing “senior moments” still pop up and you could continue to experience continuing memory loss and devastating brain fog.It’s heartbreaking to see people stay in a place they don’t like, when a possible solution is right in front of them. I don’t want that to happen to you, and with Youthful Brain, you can fight back.That’s what I feel you have today.And as you travel this road, and slip further and further into brain decline, you may wish you had made the simple decision of taking a tiny little pill each day, which would have helped you think clearer, feel sharper, remember easier, and feel younger.

Yet, there is that other road, a road where you could be in a better position to boost the health of your brain and body… and help take control of your future.On this road, people find their brain health is restored and enhanced, and their lives are full of vigor, overflowing with energy — energy to spend enjoying families, grandchildren, and most cherished relationships.Join us right now and get your personal supply of Youthful Brain on its way to you. But please hurry.

I can’t stress this enough.
You need to ACT NOW to secure your supply before we run out.

Here’s What You Get

Because you’ve been with me all the way to this point, it becomes clear to me that you’re serious about your brain health and you’re ready to take action and to give your brain the fuel that could assist with brain fog and memory loss... and clear out the toxins so you have that brand-new-engine feeling that helps your brain run like a Cadillac.

Just click the “Add to Cart” button below before it's too late.

Inside the box you’ll also find The Truth About Brain Games and 7-Days to a Youthful Brain a $59.96 value, yours free when you order today.These are actual printed reports you hold with your own hands, not the digital PDFs most companies try to send you.I don’t know about you but my eyes aren’t what they used to be, and I love reading a book with high quality paper with a nice easy to read typeface.Both reports are yours to keep no matter what!

However, I must warn you…If the next page says “SOLD OUT”, I apologize in advance…What that means is that someone else has already taken your supply and, for now, you’ve missed out on this fantastic opportunity.I urge you not to let that happen, so click the button below, fill out the information and we’ll rush your first shipment of Youthful Brain straight to your door!Remember, the longer you take this unique brain-boosting blend, the better chance you have to experience more mental clarity and an increase in cognitive ability.Just click the button to see if we still have stock available…Remember, when you select the Friends and Family Bundle, you’ll save a whopping $96 per bottle — that’s only $49.00 per bottle and $.81 per tablet.Plus, any bundle package will get upgraded to free priority shipping, a $15 value.And remember you’re covered by our 180-day, unconditional, no questions asked, empty bottle guarantee.

But Don’t Take My Word For It

Just ask Cynthia.Her father, a highly decorated World War II Veteran, was causing his family to think his memory issues were too severe to save…And here’s how Cynthia described it after her father started taking Youthful Brain:

“He has become a new person. Almost overnight he remembers things, is much more alert and has a renewed interest in daily activities.”

Now, Cynthia’s father’s results are amazing, and I can’t guarantee that everyone will get results like his…But if this brain booster did all of this for a frail, 89-year-old man…Just imagine what it could do for you.Then there’s Tim Herbert from Missouri. Here’s what he says about Youthful Brain:

“This made a huge difference. I was experiencing mood swings, having trouble sleeping at night, and kept getting tired in the afternoon. I didn’t have high expectations, but it has worked so well. I have way more energy now and I’m sleeping like a baby.”
And Ralph Thurston from Maine says,
“Recently my father passed, he was 93. But the last 5 years he was slow to answer. My mom is 92 and has problems remembering what day it is, when she last talked to me and other short-term items. I could feel that I was not able to remember as much as I used to. After 10 days, I don’t feel myself not remembering. My brain doesn’t sound like a symphony of white noise. I feel at peace being able to use my brain quickly and accurately. Your motto, ‘the clear mind formula’ is exactly what I experienced. Thanks.”
Finally, Mary Avalos from Florida simply wrote….
“WOW!! What a miracle.”

These are just a few examples of the impact Youthful Brain has had on the lives of our customers.And our file cabinets are chock full of stories from folks who felt concerned due to their failing brains.Yet, thanks to Youthful Brain, it’s a sunny new day for them!I can’t wait to hear your success story, too.But please don’t wait.Age-related memory loss is easier to fight and improve in its earliest stages.Declining brain health can be difficult to cope with. That’s why it’s important to address memory loss, forgetfulness, foggy thinking, and fading brain power, as quickly as possible.Research states that the ingredients in Youthful Brain work best when memory loss is in its earliest stages.So please don’t wait!

So many customers who try Youthful Brain feel so much sharper and more alert… and they want to keep using it for years to come.Now take a stroll with me and just imagine the confidence and excitement you’re going to feel as the so-called “senior moments” could become a thing of the past.Imagine your focused youthful mind, your clear crisp memory, and a quiet confidence of sound decision making and new ease in life.

Your Body’s Best Insurance Policy Is A Healthy Brain

Now is your chance, your one opportunity to get started today where you’re back in the driver’s seat, taking full control of your health, your brain, and your life.

I speak for the entire Vitality Now team when I say that we couldn’t be more excited to work with you and help you along the new path that you are choosing today.We’re incredibly proud of you, and we want you to know that we’ll be here for you, with you, every step of the way.Click the “Add to Cart” button below, you’ll be taken to our secure servers that are scanned daily by Norton and are encrypted with the latest 228 bit SSL encryption.If you still see the Youthful Brain multi-pack options, that means we still have some in supply and you can still secure this deeply discounted price.Select the package that is right for you and then fill out the shipping and payment and click “Complete My Order”.Your order will leave our laboratory within 24 hours and sometimes on the same day.Which means, you'll be enjoying Youthful Brain within a few short days.Click on the button below and let's get started.Remember, you must act quickly as supplies are limited, so don’t delay.There's no investment on the planet that gives you a bigger return than investing in your health.Try Youthful Brain now, totally risk-free. You have nothing to lose.I want you to experience all this for yourself, and trust me, you really have to feel it to believe it.If for any reason you don't, simply give us a call.

Our toll-free number is going to be on the next page.You can also dial that number to place your order by phone.

It is our pleasure to bring Youthful Brain to you and I hope you will take this opportunity now and get started at a huge savings off the regular price.And don’t forget to take advantage of the multi-pack specials we are offering. You'll save over 67% off the retail price. Each tablet is compact and easy to swallow and is packed in an airtight bottle keeping it fresh for at least 12 months from the date of purchase.Think about it: What is a better investment than the health of you and your family?Without your health, it's hard to enjoy anything else.Click on the link below and give Youthful Brain a try.You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.Order now.Remember, by ordering today you’re locking in this low price for now and the future.Stock up on Youthful Brain today.Click the “Add to Cart” button below.Stock up today as supplies are limited.

Choose your package

You Still There?

If so, that means you probably still have some questions for me.

Let me take a moment to answer some of our most frequently asked questions, it may very well answer yours...

The first question is,

"How big is the tablet?"

The tablets are comparable to a small Advil and are very easy to swallow. Many customers report how much nicer it is to take a small tablet instead of a big horse pill you commonly see with other products.

Next Question,

"Do I have to refrigerate them"

Nope. Youthful Brain just needs to be stored in a cool dry place, although it won’t hurt to refrigerate the bottles. You can travel with them or mail them to a friend with no hassles.

Question 3,

"How long before I’ll receive my package?"

Most orders are shipped the next day and often the same day. You can expect to receive your pack in 5-7 business days for the continental U.S. and 7-20 business days for international orders.

Question 4,

"Do I have to take it with a meal?"

You don’t need to take Youthful Brain with food. In fact, it will probably work better on an empty stomach.

Next Question,

"How does the Youthful Brain Formula work to improve my memory and give me a clearer mind?"

Well, there are a number of mechanisms that impact brain health. If you combine ingredients that are safe and that work along these different pathways, you can maximize brain support. So really, it’s the combination of ingredients working across the spectrum of pathways to optimize brain health and memory.

Another common question we get is,

"What makes Youthful Brain better than other products on the market?"

Well, it is unique in the fact that it’s providing a combination of high-quality, effective ingredients shown to improve brain health, including ingredients backed by science. The Youthful Brain formula was put together in a thoughtful, powerful, complementary way where each element in this formulation supports the other.

We also do third party testing to ensure each batch of Youthful Brain contains no heavy metals or toxins. This is something few supplement companies do.

Next Question,

"What are the benefits of long-term, continuous use?"

The available data suggests that the effects continue to improve the longer you take it. In fact, don’t expect your full results for two to three months. This is really a long-term commitment to your health. You can anticipate continued benefits over time.

The final Frequently asked Question we get is,

"Can I buy Youthful Brain in stores?"

The answer to this one is no. We deliver Youthful Brain straight to you allowing us to cut out the middleman, saving you money.

Let me be the first to welcome you to the Vitality Now family and congratulate you on the wise decision to invest in your new, healthier life.

Well, I'm sure there will be more questions, but that's it for today.Be sure to place your order below, and we’ll see you on the other side.Until then, from all of us from Vitality Now, we wish you a good day.

2. Small GW. What we need to know about age related memory loss. BMJ. 2002;324(7352):1502-1505. doi:10.1136/bmj.324.7352.1502
3. Department of Health and Human Services. "Report on All Adverse Reactions in the Adverse Reaction Monitoring System." (February 25 and 28, 1994).
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